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I've just started watching Flashpoint. How have I never noticed how blue Hugh Dillon's eyes are? They're very, very pretty. And he's looking good! I'm only about 10 minutes into the first episode so far, but I think I could like this show! Does anyone else watch it?
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I've recently found some great links for times when you feel like procrastinating. I take no responsibility for loss for productivity, but I just have to share them here:

+ My Mini City is pretty awesome. You create a city, and then it grows every time someone clicks on the link! Please visit my city and help it grow!

+ Have you guys heard of set? It's a card game in which you have to find sets of cards that have certain matching or non-matching features. You can play it here: (Set Daily Puzzle). You can also play it at the New York Times here.

+ Shot is pretty addictive. It's a very simple puzzle game where you have to knock balls off a table by colliding them. The aim is to only have one left.

More under the cut )
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I have a (strange and random) request. I'm trying to think of funny analogies for something that's incredibly rare and is also very good.

For example, "it's like finding a Mountie outside of Canada" (Finding a Mountie outside of Canada would be very rare, and it would also be really, really awesome).

Can anyone think of some funny ideas that fit that?

Ideally of the "it's like finding a ____________ outside of __________" form, but I'm also open to other ideas that fit. Am I making any sense at all here?

PS I'd love a list of ideas *points up*, so please keep them coming! :)
PPS Does anyone know if there's an animated Due South or Callum Keith Rennie mood theme?
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Oh, 'Lantis. I'm going to miss you.

I tried to write some of my favourite moments, but there are just too many! There were so many great moments in my shiny, shiny show!

Behind the cut are 10 of my favourite scenes, but I know that I've missed so many. I basically went through my screencaps, and said "ooooooohhhhhh, I LOVED that scene" at fairly regular intervals. Then had the painful task of trying to keep my list to only 10!

I'd love to remember some more of the great scenes. So, dear friendslist, please spam me with your favourite scenes, quotes, screencaps, fic links... anything and everything related to SGA. Let's focus on the love!

10 of my favourite scenes - graphic heavy - includes a picture from the last episode )


Jan. 8th, 2009 10:21 pm
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Stolen from [personal profile] lavvyan and [personal profile] rasah

Reply to this entry with whatever is in your cut/paste buffer. just click on the "reply" link and do a paste into the resulting box.

In other news, my shiny new 1TB external hard drive arrived today. It's so pretty. *pets it*
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Oh my god! Does anyone else have the DVD of "Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog"? Mine arrived today, and I'm currently watching "Commentary! The Musical" - that's right, the commentary is a MUSICAL! It's hilarious! Joss Whedon, how are you so awesome?

It's just... I think I'm in shock! Nathan, Neil, Felicia, Joss, Jed and others all sing. And the songs are so weird. Explanations can't do this justice. You can read the lyrics here, but I don't even think that would do it justice. You should buy the dvd!!.

Seriously, it's worth buying for this alone. I haven't even looked at the other extras yet. I hope they're just as insanely weird funny.

PS [profile] noorie, your presents arrived today. Thanks so much - I love them!
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Happy birthday [profile] sleepyhedgehog and [personal profile] birggitt! I hope you both have a great day! *hugs*

In other news, I've been watching Battlestar Gallatica. I fell far behind ages ago, but (yes, mostly just to watch CKR) I've decided to finally catch up. I'm really enjoying it. It's a lot darker than most of the TV that I watch, but it is a good show. I'm currently about halfway through season 3...
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Callum Keith Rennie is a good influence. He's given me the inspiration to finally start making icons again! There are 28 in this post. They're mostly Hard Core Logo icons, and there are also a few from Last Night and Due South. Paul Gross and Hugh Dillon also make an appearance!


28 icons in total )

Last Night

Jan. 4th, 2009 08:32 pm
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I watched Last Night last night, and I really enjoyed it. When you're obsessed enough to watch everything that your favourite actors have been in, you regularly come across some great movies. For example, if not for my "thing" for CKR, I'd never have experienced Wilby Wonderful, Hard Core Logo or Last Night. Does anyone recommend any other Callum movies?

More about Last Night )

In other news, I've hurt my foot, and I'm currently limping everywhere. And I have to go back to work tomorrow. :( These holidays have gone far far too quickly. On the plus side, I only have 15 work days till I have another week off!
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101 things in 1001 days

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

Guidelines )

Start Date: 2nd January 2009
End Date: 30th September 2011
Tasks completed: 8

My list )
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This post contains more details of some of the tasks in my 101 things in 1001 days list.

Watch 2000 episodes )
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Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a great New Years Eve.

Mine was very nice. I had a small gathering at my place with a nice group of friends. We had some drinks, played cards and pool, and walked down to the beach to see the fireworks. Best of all, I woke this morning feeling great, with very little stuff to clean up.

For me, 2008 was a pretty great year. My trip to the US and Canada was the main highlight, and the Armageddon expo where I met David Hewlett was also wonderful.

As for 2009, I have some not-very-exciting resolutions:
New Years resolutions )

Anyway, guess what I'm watching at the moment? Merlin! I'm currently up to episode 4, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm not yet at the level of love that most of my friendslist seems to have, but I can see myself falling for it! Gaius is pretty awesome, Arthur is quite hot, Merlin is such a cutie. I don't like seeing Anthony Head (when did he drop the Stewart?) being such a jerk though.

Oh, and [personal profile] empressvesica and [personal profile] ria_kukalaka, I received your Christmas cards yesterday. Thanks so much! [personal profile] ria_kukalaka, I LOVE the Doctor Who magnets!!

And Happy Birthday [personal profile] onecheekyhobbit! *hugs*
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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a great day. Mine was very nice.

I just realised that I never wrote the 8th (and final) day of the things that make me happy meme. I guess it's better late than never!

Day 8 of the "things that make me happy" meme:
+ I still have another week off work!
+ I had a lovely Christmas, and got some great presents.
+ I went shopping today, and got some bargains!
+ I'm currently watching (and loving) The Mentalist (Does anyone else watch it?)
+ Simon Denny Baker is just as pretty now as he was back in the E Street days (though there is something weird going on with his hair).
+ I received a card and lovely magnet from [personal profile] paraka today. Thanks so much hon!
+ I received my signed copy of Gareth David-Lloyd's CD today!
+ I finally almost caught up with Supernatural. Dean is looking particularly hot this season!
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The first time I watched Hard Core Logo, I was doing other things at the same time. I watched it again, and this time, I REALLY watched. I just have to say, I love that movie so much!

My second viewing of Hard Core Logo - including a question for those who've seen it. (Under the cut, I also mention the end, which you really don't want to be spoiled for...) )

PS Can anyone please link me to a script of the movie?
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Day 7 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ I've finished work for the year!
+ We had a nice work BBQ.
+ The weather was gorgeous again today!
+ [personal profile] mcalex22 sent me a Christmas card. Thanks hon!
+ [profile] kimberlyfdr was lovely enough to share the HCL related cds with me!! YAY!
+ I just finished watching the last episode of Boston Legal. *hugs them all* That was a great show!
+ I've wrapped almost all of my Christmas presents.
+ Over 30 people have already answered my getting to know you poll.
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The "How Much Do We Have In Common" Poll

Here's how it works. I've used some facts about me (including things like movies and tv shows that I love) to create a poll. I'd love to know how many of these things we have in common. So, please fill in the poll, and tick the box if you agree (or if the fact is also true about yourself).

(I think this would make a fun meme, so please feel free to copy this idea if you want!)

[Poll #1319759]
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Day 6 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ I'm still LOVING my new found Hard Core Logo obsession, and have been reading excerpts from Hard Core Roadshow: A Screenwriter's Diary (*).
+ I went out for yummy Indian food with some good friends.
+ We had Christmas crackers, and I got another bad joke that I found far too funny! (**)
+ My dad came over and mowed my grass this morning.
+ I got a Christmas card in the mail from [personal profile] sgflutegirl. Thanks hon! *hugs*
+ I found my left over Christmas wrapping paper from last year. (***)
+ I received a message from one of my US tour buddies. Another person from our tour is coming to Adelaide, so a few of us are going to catch up. Should be fun!
+ Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year!

(*) )(**) )(***) )
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Day 5 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ My parents came over this morning and helped me to pick some of the seemingly never-ending supply of apricots!
+ I watched an awesome episode of Boston Legal.
+ I think I've finished my Christmas shopping.
+ I went to the Carols by Candlelight with a couple of friends.
+ I'm really getting into the band Kent. Thanks again [profile] clight000! *hugs*
+ [personal profile] terribilita pointed out this article, which suggests that they're going to make sequels to Hard Core Logo!!
+ [personal profile] spacemonkeyluvn linked to me some recipes that use fresh apricots. YUM!
+ Only two days of work for the year!! (Actually a day and a half, because we have a bbq lunch on Tuesday, and won't return to work after that!)
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Oh my god! How did I not know of the existence of this until now?? This is Paul Gross and David Keeley singing "Santa Drives a Pick up" - a hilarious song bound to improve any Christmas! And when I say "hilarious", I mean "so bad its good", and when I say "bound to improve any Christmas", I mean that it might cause trauma. If you're struggling to get through it, and think you've lost all faith in Paul Gross, just wait till the end and watch his adorable little laugh. The love for Paul will inevitably return!

embedded youtube video under the cut )
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Day 4 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ I washed my bedding today. I love sleeping in freshly washed bedding!
+ I made a few new icons. CKR is love!
+ I received some magnets in the mail from the lovely and ever generous [personal profile] birggitt.
+ I received a virtual gift from [personal profile] larian. Thanks so much, honey! *hugs*
+ I found this post, which links to lots of Hard Core Logo meta. I can't stop over-analysing that movie, and it's great to see that I'm not the only one!
+ A friend is coming over for take-away and dvds tonight.
+ Some of my icon-muse may have returned!


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