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SUNDAY: Day 2 of Armageddon


Commence squeee )

By the way, I have a few videos of Kavan Smith's panel and David Hewlett's panel. If there's a lot of interest, I can upload those for people.
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SATURDAY: Day 1 of Armageddon


Commence squeee )
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I've been looking through my photos from the weekend, and I just HAD to post a couple tonight. These have a watermark on them at the moment, but I might post versions without the watermark in a future post.

See larger versions )

As I said, more photos and a proper review coming ... tomorrow. Now, sleep awaits!

(PS Check out David and I in the icon!!)
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I just got home from my trip to Melbourne for Armageddon. I have no idea where to start. The weekend was just perfect. David Hewlett was everything I hoped he'd be and more, Kavan Smith was gorgeous and fun, and Andee Frizzell and Gary Jones were great too.

I'm going to post a more blow by blow account of the last three days (and photos and maybe even videos), but I'm absolutely exhausted (and have to work tomorrow) so the review probably won't happen tonight.

Before starting to type up my summary insanely long review, I must add that the weekend was made so much more fun thanks to the great company. So, to my lovely Adelaide buddies who made the trek, to my wonderful LJ buddies who I saw again this year and to all of the other random people who I talked to over the weekend, thanks!

Is it too early to start the countdown for next year's Armageddon Expo?
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Oh David! Oh Baz! So much cuteness!

(click for a larger version)
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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 21 (21st of December)

This advent project would be incomplete without a David Hewlett picspam... so here it is!

More behind the cut )


Aug. 25th, 2007 01:27 pm
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Ooooh! New photos!! Excuse me while I squeal at David Hewlett in leather! He looks a little tired and grumpy, but I love the leather!

The Flan is looking serious and hot behind the cut )

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OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! [/abuse of capslock]

Also, check out this awesome icon that [profile] sly_bone made for me! *loves* :)
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I'm back from Melbourne - I was actually back a couple of days ago, but I just haven't had a chance to post. It was a very fun trip, and I'll hopefully have time to post more about it sometime in the next couple of days.

I have been so busy and stressed lately, that what I really need is a sexy guy picspam. Here are some hotties to make everyone drool smile. If you're in a sharing mood, I'd love it if you'd post more hotties in the comments for me! *smiles sweetly*

Daniel Craig, Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Nathan Fillion, Kavan Smith, Joe Flanigan, Zachary Quinto, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki )
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Here are 44 icons. They are all SGA (or DH) related. Six of them are Christmas icons, and most of the rest of them are previous entries in icon challenges.

If you like them, help yourself. If you'd like any of them without text, or with different text, just let me know and I should be able to make changes! Comments and credit are greatly appreciated. My resources post is here

SGA Christmas Icons )
McKay Icons )
McKay & Carter )
McKay & Sheppard )
John Sheppard )
Other SGA Icons )
Kate Hewlett with and without David )
DH Icons )
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David now has his own .com, and he's updated with this poster for his movie. I love it!

(from www.davidhewlett.com)

The poster behind a cut )
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This has arisen from a conversation with a friend, and I'm just interested in what other people do. A small poll on driving etiquette )

I also have a challenge for you. I love the Six Degrees of Separation --- the idea is that any actor can be linked to any other actor in less than 6 moves (a 'move' is a movie or TV show that they starred in together). I believe that I can link David Hewlett to any other actor - so, name an actor, and I'll see if I can do it! Just in case I'm not making sense, here's an example of what I mean: Six Degrees of Seperation - David Hewlett to Joe Flanigan )
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I just have to add - this is the CUTEST. PICTURE. EVER. He takes adorkable to whole new levels! :)

The photo is from Kate Hewlett, and there is a larger version of it at her blog - If you haven't been reading her blog, you really should. She's very funny and entertaining.

And since I can't resist it, the 5 things meme:
You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "Five things I want to do before I die" or "Five songs to seduce someone to"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Serious or fun!

Now I'm going to sleep. Seriously this time. I promise. :)
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OH MY GOD!!! These pictures are quite possibly these greatest things that I have ever seen! Thanks to [personal profile] claudiasharon for the link. They're from the episode "McKay and Mrs. Miller" and there are more of them here. All I have to say is LEATHER!!! :D

The pictures that have made my day behind the cut!! )
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Stargate icons to share (Mostly SGA, and some featuring David Hewlett or Joe Flanigan in other roles)
[5] mini-movie animation icons
[17] made from the ‘lovebars’ that I posted last week
[12] other SGA icons

find them under this cut )
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To celebrate "David Hewlett is awesome week" [TM [personal profile] scrunchy - devised by [livejournal.com profile] slodwick - here ] , I've made some "David Hewlett, how are you so awesome?" icons! Find them here! )
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Photoshop + the adorableness of Grant = Icons and colourbars! have you experienced the love of David? )

More SGA Icons )

I also made some "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" icons, from the screencaps from the trailer. So... I should probably put in a spoiler warning... there aren't actually any spoilers - basically just face shots of the cast... All straight from the preview... if you want to see them, click on the cut! Johnny is love! )
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This week [profile] advent_atlantis is all about "Rodney McKay: Sex God". Since this is a topic close to my heart, an icon post was obviously required! So, here's my iconic tribute to Rodney! You know, your masterful grip on the blatantly obvious continues to impress me )


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