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Oh my god! How did I not know of the existence of this until now?? This is Paul Gross and David Keeley singing "Santa Drives a Pick up" - a hilarious song bound to improve any Christmas! And when I say "hilarious", I mean "so bad its good", and when I say "bound to improve any Christmas", I mean that it might cause trauma. If you're struggling to get through it, and think you've lost all faith in Paul Gross, just wait till the end and watch his adorable little laugh. The love for Paul will inevitably return!

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Day 2 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ We had cake again today. White chocolate mud cake. It was awesome!
+ [profile] clight000 sent me 2 cds of music! Thanks so much hon!
+ Callum Keith Rennie is on my TV, wearing a hot leather jacket!!
+ Paul Gross is also on my TV, and he's wearing his pretty, pretty red mountie uniform!
+ My apricot tree has ripe apricots again. :)
+ I just had a nice dinner with my parents, brother and sister-in-law.
+ I received an email saying that they're sending me my signed copy of Gareth David-Lloyd's band's CD!
+ I've started filling up my new icon spots, and have some shiny new ones to play with!!
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I'm doing the 8 things that make me happy in 8 days meme. Here's day one:

+ I got petrol for only 89.7 cents a litre! Compared to the 1.70 a litre that it was a while ago, that's fricken awesome!!
+ We had cake for morning tea.
+ The stats that I'm doing at the moment are significant!! YAY!
+ I've been rewatching season 3 of Due South again. I absolutely love it. Oh Callum and Paul, how are you so awesome?
+ I'm re-reading Twilight again. It's my kind of crack!
+ [profile] fawkesielady_ed sent me 5 cds of music! (Thanks again hon!)
+ I've finally finished paying off my credit cards and can start saving for my next holiday!
+ I'm going to Sydney in only 38 days!

In other news, where has this year gone? I can't believe it's almost Christmas. I feel so unprepared. I haven't done much shopping yet, and I haven't even thought about Christmas cards. I swear that there must be some kind of crack in the space-time continuum that's making time go quicker for me.
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I really love long weekends. Today is labour day, so we have a day off, and I've been spending this afternoon watching Due South. Man, I love that show.

Paul Gross is simply gorgeous and adorable, and Callum Keith Rennie is incredibly hot. And the two of them are just amazing together.

Need proof? I may have got a little carried away looking at photos, so this is quite a BIG picspam!

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Paul Gross )

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