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I've uploaded the videos that I took at the Armageddon Expo last weekend. There are three clips from David Hewlett's panel, and three from Kavan Smith's panel. All files are .avi.

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Also, a question: To those of you who've had your photo taken with stars, what have you done with them? Are they just sitting in a box somewhere, or in an album, or have you put them on the wall? I'm trying to decide whether to put mine up...
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SUNDAY: Day 2 of Armageddon


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By the way, I have a few videos of Kavan Smith's panel and David Hewlett's panel. If there's a lot of interest, I can upload those for people.
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SATURDAY: Day 1 of Armageddon


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I've been looking through my photos from the weekend, and I just HAD to post a couple tonight. These have a watermark on them at the moment, but I might post versions without the watermark in a future post.

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As I said, more photos and a proper review coming ... tomorrow. Now, sleep awaits!

(PS Check out David and I in the icon!!)
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I just got home from my trip to Melbourne for Armageddon. I have no idea where to start. The weekend was just perfect. David Hewlett was everything I hoped he'd be and more, Kavan Smith was gorgeous and fun, and Andee Frizzell and Gary Jones were great too.

I'm going to post a more blow by blow account of the last three days (and photos and maybe even videos), but I'm absolutely exhausted (and have to work tomorrow) so the review probably won't happen tonight.

Before starting to type up my summary insanely long review, I must add that the weekend was made so much more fun thanks to the great company. So, to my lovely Adelaide buddies who made the trek, to my wonderful LJ buddies who I saw again this year and to all of the other random people who I talked to over the weekend, thanks!

Is it too early to start the countdown for next year's Armageddon Expo?
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To those of you who are planning to attend the Armageddon Expo, I have some sad news.

Unfortunately Michael Shanks is no longer able to attend. The replacement is Kavan Smith
(Major Lorne from 'Lantis), and I'm personally pretty excited about that. But it would have been great to meet Michael.

Here's the quote from the website:

"A few days ago Michael Shanks agent advised us that he was up for a acting job that might interfere with his attendance at the event, unfortunately this has proven to be the case and Michael is now unable to attend the event, thankfully 4400 and Atlantis actor Kavan Smith has agreed to step into Michaels shoes for the event. We realize that this was not an ideal situation, however when dealing with actors and schedules these things do happen."


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