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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 24 (24th of December)

Here is one of the strangest most fucked up music videos I've seen! It's the song Fake by The Frames. Great band and great song, and hilarious (but incredibly strange and disturbing) video!

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 23 (23rd of December)

Today, I bring some more picspam. This time the lovely Zachary Quinto, who plays the scary but sexy Sylar from Heroes.

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 22 (22nd of December)

This advent project would also be incompete without a Joe Flanigan picspam... so here it is!

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 21 (21st of December)

This advent project would be incomplete without a David Hewlett picspam... so here it is!

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 20 (20th of December)

Today, I bring some lovely pictures of the gorgeous, wonderful Johnny Depp. Because Christmas would be incomplete without Johnny pics!

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 19 (19th of December)

Are there any other Jake Gyllenhaal fans on my friends list? I was looking through my pictures, and I think he deserves a post of his own. He is one very attractive man!

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 13 (13th of December)

Today I bring you an SGA calendar for 2008! Each page is A4 sized in portrait page setup, and the photos are from the SGA promo shots. It's in .pdf format, uploaded to megaupload. Download me! [And here is a sendspace mirror] (~1.2mb)

Here are a few previews:

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 12 (12th of December)

I'm not sure if anyone will be interested in these ... I downloaded them myself a while ago, and although I haven't had a chance to actually play them, they look pretty good to me!

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 9 (9th of December)

Today I give you a Nathan Fillion picspam, because every Christmas should be brightened by pretty pictures of a sexy man!

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 5 (5th of December)

I'm sort of cheating today --- I have a work trip tomorrow, which means that I have to be awake in about 6 hours, and I'll be interstate all day tomorrow. Hence, I don't have time to find (or think of) something interesting to post. Therefore, today I'm going to repost the McKay and Sheppard Christmas manips that I made last year. They're not brilliant, but they make me laugh! Some of you might remember them, but since you weren't all on my friendslist last year, I figure these might be new to some people.

Christmas manips of John and Rodney )
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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 4 (4th December)

Today I have a small batch of quote icons for you. There are a few SGA quotes, a few Sports Night quotes, a few from movies, and another random one that someone on my friendslist asked me to make AGES ago!

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ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 1 (1st of December 2007)

Let's start off with a nice picspam! I found these high res pictures of John Barrowman*! And when I say high res, I mean HIGH RES! Each is about 4252x6352 pixels and 12mb! There are smaller previews in this post, and they link to the LARGE versions! Be patient with the links!


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