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I almost forgot about posting these things! I had planned to make more, but... well... I seem to have lost any artistic ability these days. *sigh*

Most of you have probably seen a few of them - I'm posting them all here to keep them together. 10 in total. Comments are loved. Credit is appreciated. :)

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Aug. 31st, 2007 10:07 pm
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Oh yeah baby! My boys just won the footy to make it into the finals!! But given that 95% of you guys don't care about AFL, I'll just leave it at: 'SQUEE!!' :)

And here is another animated lovebar thingo:

I have made a few others too, but I'm going to post those in a larger batch sometime in the not-to-distant future...

In other news, I'm so glad the weekend is here! :)
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And when I say a little shallow, I mean a lot. And when I say sometimes, I mean regularly.

I've added another one behind the cut (a McKay and Sheppard one) )
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I had another lovely weekend... I caught up with some friends, I saw "my boys" win in the football by an impressive margin, and I booked a holiday to Melbourne in August - I'm just going for a few days, to do lots of shopping, and to see the footy (Adelaide versus Western Bulldogs at the MCG).

I also found out that Eskimo Joe are coming back to Adelaide again! They're an Australian band, so some of you guys might not have heard of them... They're an indie rock group - and I believe that their new album is currently #1 in Australia, so it's definitely worth the download. Here is the first single from their new album: Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails, Red Wine

I also made some SGA colourbars lovebars... and when I say "some" that's probably slightly understating... so yeah, I made a lot... 4 John ones, 4 Rodney ones, 3 of Joe's other roles, and 6 of David's other roles. I tried to animate the individual ones from each category, but I'm not loving the quality of the animated ones - I used the "ideal" settings, and yet they look sort of crappy... But anyway, here they are:

John is love )

Rodney is love )

Joe's other roles are love )

David's other roles are love )

The animated ones )
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Photoshop + the adorableness of Grant = Icons and colourbars! have you experienced the love of David? )

More SGA Icons )

I also made some "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" icons, from the screencaps from the trailer. So... I should probably put in a spoiler warning... there aren't actually any spoilers - basically just face shots of the cast... All straight from the preview... if you want to see them, click on the cut! Johnny is love! )


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