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As part of my 101 things in 1001 days project, I'm reading 100 books. I've just finished the 10th, and have decided that it'd be fun to write a little something about each of them. (I got a little carried away with my summary for Hard Core Roadshow, and when I say "a little carried away", I mean "completely carried away and couldn't stop writing!").

1. Christian Lander - Stuff White People Like )
2. Orson Scott Card - Xenocide )
3. Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner - Freakonomics )
4. Michael Turner - Hard Core Logo )
5. Alexander McCall Smith - The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency )
6. Rachel Vincent - Stray )
7. Rachel Vincent - Rogue )
8. Jason Moss - The Last Victim )
9. Noel Baker - Hard Core Roadshow: A Screenwriter's Diary )
10. Eleanor Coerr - Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes )
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I'm currently watching Hard Core Logo with the commentary. I could not possibly love Hugh anymore than I do right now. I love listening to him get so excited about certain parts in the movie. He's completely adorable. And I love his voice so much. I also adore that he seems unable to go for more than about 5 minutes without mentioning how great Callum is. *hearts them both*
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I've been reading a lot of stories from people who've survived the bush fires in Victoria, and I'm finding it so hard to hold back the tears. It's all so devastating. Fire scares me so much...

So anyway, I need to focus on happier things for a while:

+ The weather here is finally cooler!

+ My copy of Hard Core Roadshow arrived today! I can read more of Noel being a complete tool Noel's love for Hugh and jealousy towards Callum the making of the movie.

+ I'm going to this. Jensen, Jared and Misha! I can't wait!
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My copy of Michael Turner's book "Hard Core Logo" finally arrived. I couldn't put it down, and read the whole thing in one sitting. More under the cut )

PS I made a new HCL icon. *points*
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The first time I watched Hard Core Logo, I was doing other things at the same time. I watched it again, and this time, I REALLY watched. I just have to say, I love that movie so much!

My second viewing of Hard Core Logo - including a question for those who've seen it. (Under the cut, I also mention the end, which you really don't want to be spoiled for...) )

PS Can anyone please link me to a script of the movie?
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Day 6 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ I'm still LOVING my new found Hard Core Logo obsession, and have been reading excerpts from Hard Core Roadshow: A Screenwriter's Diary (*).
+ I went out for yummy Indian food with some good friends.
+ We had Christmas crackers, and I got another bad joke that I found far too funny! (**)
+ My dad came over and mowed my grass this morning.
+ I got a Christmas card in the mail from [personal profile] sgflutegirl. Thanks hon! *hugs*
+ I found my left over Christmas wrapping paper from last year. (***)
+ I received a message from one of my US tour buddies. Another person from our tour is coming to Adelaide, so a few of us are going to catch up. Should be fun!
+ Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year!

(*) )(**) )(***) )
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Day 5 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ My parents came over this morning and helped me to pick some of the seemingly never-ending supply of apricots!
+ I watched an awesome episode of Boston Legal.
+ I think I've finished my Christmas shopping.
+ I went to the Carols by Candlelight with a couple of friends.
+ I'm really getting into the band Kent. Thanks again [profile] clight000! *hugs*
+ [personal profile] terribilita pointed out this article, which suggests that they're going to make sequels to Hard Core Logo!!
+ [personal profile] spacemonkeyluvn linked to me some recipes that use fresh apricots. YUM!
+ Only two days of work for the year!! (Actually a day and a half, because we have a bbq lunch on Tuesday, and won't return to work after that!)
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Day 4 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ I washed my bedding today. I love sleeping in freshly washed bedding!
+ I made a few new icons. CKR is love!
+ I received some magnets in the mail from the lovely and ever generous [personal profile] birggitt.
+ I received a virtual gift from [personal profile] larian. Thanks so much, honey! *hugs*
+ I found this post, which links to lots of Hard Core Logo meta. I can't stop over-analysing that movie, and it's great to see that I'm not the only one!
+ A friend is coming over for take-away and dvds tonight.
+ Some of my icon-muse may have returned!
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I watched Hard Core Logo last night, and I can't get it out of my head. I've been thinking over it constantly. It was depressing, but the characters and the unanswered questions are fascinating. Everyone's intentions are so ambiguous, and every question just brings up more questions rather than answers. They're all clearly dysfunctional, but I can't decide how much deception and manipulation was going on. I think I need to see it again before I can decide anything. I haven't watched a movie that made me think this much in ages.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Callum Keith Rennie, how are you so awesome?


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