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SUNDAY: Day 2 of Armageddon


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By the way, I have a few videos of Kavan Smith's panel and David Hewlett's panel. If there's a lot of interest, I can upload those for people.
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SATURDAY: Day 1 of Armageddon


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I've been looking through my photos from the weekend, and I just HAD to post a couple tonight. These have a watermark on them at the moment, but I might post versions without the watermark in a future post.

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As I said, more photos and a proper review coming ... tomorrow. Now, sleep awaits!

(PS Check out David and I in the icon!!)
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I'm typing these up exactly as I wrote them during the trip --- so 'today' is now yesterday!!

14th October 2007
The Short Version: Today = Completely and totally amazingly awesomely brilliant!

The Still Sort of Short Version: Today I met His Hotness, otherwise known as Joe Flanigan. It was wonderful! He was incredibly interesting, nice and intelligent --- and also very hot! I got his autograph and a photo with him. It was a perfect weekend!

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So, overall, I loved and adored it, and I'm so glad I went!! I'll probably post more later!! And I may edit this post and add more detail if I remember more.

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I'm typing these up exactly as they were written during the trip --- I wrote the review of the first day on Saturday night, and the review of the second day on the plane on the way home. So, when I talk about "tomorrow" during the Saturday review, that actually refers to yesterday now!!

NOTE: I'm going to update this as I remember extra things, so if you're very interested, it might be worth a revisit!

13th of October, 2007
The Short Version: Today = awesome!

The Still Sort of Short Version: Today was the first day of Armageddon (the expo, not the end of the world). I saw Connor Trinneer (who is so much hotter in person) and Alan Tudyk (who is also far better looking in real life). They were both awesome, and the whole day was great! Flanigan tomorrow!

The Long Version )

I'm going to post day 2 of the con (the day with Joe) soon! :)
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I'm back from Joe! It was just amazing! I have hand-written a lot of stuff, but haven't yet typed it up.

I'm incredibly tired, and have to be at work in about 7.5 hours, so that'll have to wait till another day!

Basically, instead of coming straight home to write about Joe, I went straight back out to see a band! I went to see Expatriate, who were the opening act for the Powderfinger Silverchair gig. They were great in that gig, and they sound great on CD, but were quite bad tonight. On the other hand, the co-headliners (The Cops) (who I wasn't interested in at all) were actually pretty awesome!! They sound a lot like Reguritator.

But anyway, Joe was amazing (as were Conner and Alan) and it was just a brilliant weekend! Here is a teaser photo before I go to bed!


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