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The "How Much Do We Have In Common" Poll

Here's how it works. I've used some facts about me (including things like movies and tv shows that I love) to create a poll. I'd love to know how many of these things we have in common. So, please fill in the poll, and tick the box if you agree (or if the fact is also true about yourself).

(I think this would make a fun meme, so please feel free to copy this idea if you want!)

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Oct. 8th, 2007 02:44 pm
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Remember the animated SGA mood theme that I made? I have been considering making another one. So, hypothetically, what is your preferred subject for this mood theme? Hypothetically, of course!

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SGA fans, assuming that you have to make a decision, and have to choose just one, which is your favourite season?

[Poll #1060811]

Some of my thoughts )

Talking about SGA, [personal profile] mintroses is hosting an SGA Friending Meme!


Sep. 19th, 2007 09:20 pm
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I currently have a couple of filters that I seldom use. I'm thinking about using them more regularly. Of course, it's likely that I'll never get around to this, but, assuming I do, what are you interested in seeing/reading?

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An unrelated rant )
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Imagine that you meet someone who has never seen television before. You want to show the person how brilliant TV can be.

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I found this question and I think it's really clever. (This is from a practice question for the Australian Teriary Admissions Test).

The picture is here under the cut )

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The answer )
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I bought new wardrobes the other day. They're being delivered tomorrow, so I've been going through everything, discarding the stuff that I no longer wear. I have just realised that I have 46 pairs of shoes. That seems excessive. Particularly since I've thrown away a few pairs that I no longer wear... And I have 33 bags... That's not too many though, right?? How many shoes do you guys have?? I haven't done a poll for a while... this seems like a perfect opportunity! :)

[Poll #900256]
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A fandom poll - just because I'm curious. And really, who doesn't love to click boxes?!? (Maybe that should have been a question!) Click your life away... please! )
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This has arisen from a conversation with a friend, and I'm just interested in what other people do. A small poll on driving etiquette )

I also have a challenge for you. I love the Six Degrees of Separation --- the idea is that any actor can be linked to any other actor in less than 6 moves (a 'move' is a movie or TV show that they starred in together). I believe that I can link David Hewlett to any other actor - so, name an actor, and I'll see if I can do it! Just in case I'm not making sense, here's an example of what I mean: Six Degrees of Seperation - David Hewlett to Joe Flanigan )
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I'm sure that by now all SG1 fans will have heard that season 10 will be the last season. Personally, I'm not too upset about it. I will miss it, but 10 years is a bloody good effort, and I would prefer to see the show end on a high.

However, my problem is that I think it'll be very difficult for them to end it well, particularly since what happens at the end of SG1 could have repercussions for SGA and their contact with Earth.

This got me thinking to how I'd like the show to end. I read a great suggestion on [livejournal.com profile] foreverseenstar's journal, suggesting a cliff-hanger ending - "Atlantis should be out of contact w/ Earth and then just get one message that says "The Ori are here." and then have that be it." I really like that idea! It could also make Atlantis more interesting, because they'd be "on their own" without supplies and reinforcments again.

I'm interested in how other people would like to see it end... So I present a poll! POLL: How should SG1 end? )
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I have an urge to watch Buffy, but I can't decide which season to watch... and really, why make a decision when you have a lovely friendslist to make it for you! So, I present a poll!

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