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I've recently found some great links for times when you feel like procrastinating. I take no responsibility for loss for productivity, but I just have to share them here:

+ My Mini City is pretty awesome. You create a city, and then it grows every time someone clicks on the link! Please visit my city and help it grow!

+ Have you guys heard of set? It's a card game in which you have to find sets of cards that have certain matching or non-matching features. You can play it here: (Set Daily Puzzle). You can also play it at the New York Times here.

+ Shot is pretty addictive. It's a very simple puzzle game where you have to knock balls off a table by colliding them. The aim is to only have one left.

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Katie, the queen of procrastination, (who apparently now talks about herself in the third person), is here with some more procrastination tasks. Procrastination )

Also, hi to all of the new people on my list! *waves* Hope you enjoy it here! Make yourselves at home, and feel free to introduce yourselves, or ask me any questions!

EDIT: I think I need a Grant Jansky mood theme.
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I’m so glad its Friday. I’m having a really hard time concentrating today though... And everything that I’m writing sounds like shit. Can anyone else relate to this picture?!?! Internet vs Research Paper )

I’m the poor person trying to concentrate, whilst the Internet party looks so alluring. At least there are only a couple more hours left of the working week. And I have a really nice weekend planned. Tonight I’m going to a "gathering" at a friends place, then tomorrow night I’m going out for dinner, then to see Johnny in Pirates 2. I’m really looking forward to seeing Johnny! Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum! Ok, back to work!

Want some more procrastination??? These games are so addictive! parking perfection, and tennis )


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