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I'm thinking about buying a Nintendo Wii. I certainly don't need one, and I worry that I might get bored of it after only a few weeks. Also, I probably shouldn't spend the money... but I still kinda want to.

[Poll #1362714]

To the Aussies on my friendslist, what's a good price to pay? Kmart has a sale at the moment, and you can get the console, with a nanchuck, a remote, and three games (Wii Sports, Wii Music, and TV Show King Party or Fun Fair Party) for $399. But then I'd have to buy at least another nanchuck thingo, and I really want Wii Fit... which is another $124.

Hmmm... to be responsible or not to be responsible? That is the question.
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I have a (strange and random) request. I'm trying to think of funny analogies for something that's incredibly rare and is also very good.

For example, "it's like finding a Mountie outside of Canada" (Finding a Mountie outside of Canada would be very rare, and it would also be really, really awesome).

Can anyone think of some funny ideas that fit that?

Ideally of the "it's like finding a ____________ outside of __________" form, but I'm also open to other ideas that fit. Am I making any sense at all here?

PS I'd love a list of ideas *points up*, so please keep them coming! :)
PPS Does anyone know if there's an animated Due South or Callum Keith Rennie mood theme?
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I have a quick question: Is anyone else planning to go to the Armageddon Expo in Melbourne this November?

Given the amount of money that I just spent on my holiday, I probably shouldn't go, but I can't resist the opportunity to meet Michael Shanks, David Hewlett and David Anders! So I'm pretty sure that I'll be going. I'm thinking about booking flights now...
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I have a hypothetical question related to a conversation that I've been having...

Let's presume that there's a group of prisoners (let's say 10 of them). An executioner puts them all in a position where each individual has a 50% chance of surviving (and a 50% chance of dying). There's no chance of escape, and no chance of rescue. However, if one of the prisoners volunteers to take the 50% chance of dying, then the other prisoners are all guaranteed to survive. The question is: do you think one of them would volunteer? Do you think the size of the group would influence the outcome?

Now, a different example.

A group of people are working in an office, and someone comes in and offers them all a chance to be given a new car (a corvette). Each individual has a 50% chance of getting a new car. However, if one person agrees to take the 50% chance at the car, then everyone else is guaranteed to get a new car. Do you think someone would volunteer? Do you think people would be more or less likely to volunteer in this example versus the other example?

I think this seems like the perfect opportunity for a poll: Deep thinking is good for the mind )


Oct. 8th, 2007 02:44 pm
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Remember the animated SGA mood theme that I made? I have been considering making another one. So, hypothetically, what is your preferred subject for this mood theme? Hypothetically, of course!

[Poll #1067688]
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To those of you who have Photoshop CS3, I have a question: have they removed the ability to open an animated .gif and see the layers?

Photoshop CS2 worked with Image Ready, but Photoshop CS3 doesn't have Image Ready --- the other Image Ready functions seem to be incorporated into Photoshop, but not, apparently, the ability to open a .gif. Or am I just missing something?!?! Because seriously, if they have taken away that ability, I may cry! Or instead of crying, I'll just have to re-install Photoshop CS2, but I don't know if my poor little 'puter will be able to handle two versions. *angry face*
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I found this question and I think it's really clever. (This is from a practice question for the Australian Teriary Admissions Test).

The picture is here under the cut )

[Poll #1011321]

The answer )
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I have been re-watching The West Wing, and I just watched the episode Posse Comitatus. It makes me cry every time. It got me thinking about the other episodes that have left me utterly inconsolable.

(WARNING: There could be spoilers here for Futurama, Angel, Sports Night, ER, SG1, & The West Wing). The saddest moments: My answers )

So, in your opinion, what are the saddest moments in television?
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Thanks to [personal profile] wraithfodder for pointing this out - Joe Mallozzi has posted a picture of The Flan on his blog.

I think he's looking pretty damn good! Click on this version to get a larger one:

I also have a question regarding [profile] 10chevrons. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's a Stargate icon community where you take one picture and make 10 icons that follow provided guidelines. Read more... )


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