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I saw the Foos Fighters tonight, and there are no words to describe the amazing, awesome, brilliant, perfect show that they put on. Seriously, it was just ... *insert many descriptive words that mean DAMN GOOD!* I'm not at all coherent right now, so I'll just post a photo. (I had the BEST SPOT EVER, and I ADORE my new camera!)

Dave Grohl, my rock star boyfriend.
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I saw Rufus Wainwright in concert last night, and I have nothing to say except wow! Well, that's not actually true... I do have more to say!

It was just an amazing, flawless, wonderful show! I have heard a number of times that Rufus in fabulous in concert, and he far exceeded up to my expectations. The show had a perfect mix of songs, and I also loved hearing him talk so much between them. He was very funny and entertaining! A bit more about the show )

And since he is a pretty, pretty man, here are a few photos:

More glorious hi-res pics of Rufus )
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I'm back from Joe! It was just amazing! I have hand-written a lot of stuff, but haven't yet typed it up.

I'm incredibly tired, and have to be at work in about 7.5 hours, so that'll have to wait till another day!

Basically, instead of coming straight home to write about Joe, I went straight back out to see a band! I went to see Expatriate, who were the opening act for the Powderfinger Silverchair gig. They were great in that gig, and they sound great on CD, but were quite bad tonight. On the other hand, the co-headliners (The Cops) (who I wasn't interested in at all) were actually pretty awesome!! They sound a lot like Reguritator.

But anyway, Joe was amazing (as were Conner and Alan) and it was just a brilliant weekend! Here is a teaser photo before I go to bed!


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