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Day 7 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ I've finished work for the year!
+ We had a nice work BBQ.
+ The weather was gorgeous again today!
+ [personal profile] mcalex22 sent me a Christmas card. Thanks hon!
+ [profile] kimberlyfdr was lovely enough to share the HCL related cds with me!! YAY!
+ I just finished watching the last episode of Boston Legal. *hugs them all* That was a great show!
+ I've wrapped almost all of my Christmas presents.
+ Over 30 people have already answered my getting to know you poll.
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Day 5 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ My parents came over this morning and helped me to pick some of the seemingly never-ending supply of apricots!
+ I watched an awesome episode of Boston Legal.
+ I think I've finished my Christmas shopping.
+ I went to the Carols by Candlelight with a couple of friends.
+ I'm really getting into the band Kent. Thanks again [profile] clight000! *hugs*
+ [personal profile] terribilita pointed out this article, which suggests that they're going to make sequels to Hard Core Logo!!
+ [personal profile] spacemonkeyluvn linked to me some recipes that use fresh apricots. YUM!
+ Only two days of work for the year!! (Actually a day and a half, because we have a bbq lunch on Tuesday, and won't return to work after that!)
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It's been too long since I updated with anything fandom related. I know I seem to start all of my posts with the "not enough time" apology, but seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if there's some kind of glitch in the space-time-continuum making time go faster! The Doctor or Rodney McKay should look into that!

Anyway, I have a confession to make: I've been seeing another tv show. Don't look at me like that Atlantis! We never agreed to be exclusive, and you still do hold the number one position in my heart. But, my friend introduced me to this other show, and I saw an episode in Canada, and since then, the two of us have been spending quite a few nights together. His name is Boston Legal. Does anyone else watch it? Before I say more, it's time for a poll:

[EDIT: For some reason the poll didn't work, but I think the consensus seems to be that Alan Shore is hot!]

Alan Shore is James Spader's character, and he is incredibly arrogant, powerful and smart. Apparently my attempt to get over my thing for arrogant men isn't going too well, because I find him very hot. He also has this kindness, which is very attractive... Cue James Spader picspam )


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