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The new episodes are now so close!! I envy those of you who are able to watch them on TV – us poor Aussies have to wait until Saturday our time, and rely on peoples’ amazing generosity to be able to see the episodes (which means pretty please post any spoilers behind a cut!!). Anyway, here is the final instalment of my SGA countdown posts!

Friday: The fifth reason for my love of SGA – The Team Interaction: not dial-up friendly )

And whilst I have your attention, check out the new SPOILER-IFIC promo shots at scifi.com!! :D

And even better, the new wallpapers from scifi.com!! Oh my god Joe and David look good! David in the black top is enough to make me happy forever! The Link
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Thursday: The forth reason for my love of SGA – The John and Rodney show
Sometimes Atlantis really does seem to be the John and Rodney show: John Sheppard, our ridiculously attractive, incredibly charming, fallible and dorky (but completely lovable) hero and Rodney McKay, the arrogant, snarky, self-centred and brilliant scientist. So much can be said about those two. Not dial-up friendly --- seriously, I mean it! )
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Tuesday: The second (and main) reason for my love of SGA – Rodney McKay Rodney McKay how are you so awesome? - probably not dial-up friendly! )

This Rodney McKay love post is dedicated to [personal profile] mcalex22. Happy bithday, matey!! :D
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I saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night - It was a great movie - I have so much love for Johnny! There was lots of action, great effects, and very cool sword fighting. And for those who haven't seen it yet, there is a little scene after the end of the credits - its another of those scenes that is hardly worth staying for - by the time you've sat through about 5 minutes of credits, you expect something really good (like Johnny Depp naked), but it wasn't anything that exciting. It was a cute scene though.

Anyway, since it's less than a week till the start of Season 3 Stargate Atlantis, I've decided to do a countdown of the reasons why I love my fabulous show --- On the five remaining days, there will be one reason posted each day, with rambling explanations and pictures.

It's obviously hard to constrain that to only 5 reasons, which is why I present my fabulous friendslist with a poll. I've already decided that tomorrow I'm going to post on my love for the minor characters. (I'm writing that now as I watch my darling Roger Federer in Wimbeldon!) The "reasons" that I post on the other four days will be based on the top scores from this poll. VOTE HERE! )


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