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If anyone is looking for a free video converter, Giveaway of the Day has one available today. I've installed it, and it looks like a pretty good product.
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Oh my god! Does anyone else have the DVD of "Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog"? Mine arrived today, and I'm currently watching "Commentary! The Musical" - that's right, the commentary is a MUSICAL! It's hilarious! Joss Whedon, how are you so awesome?

It's just... I think I'm in shock! Nathan, Neil, Felicia, Joss, Jed and others all sing. And the songs are so weird. Explanations can't do this justice. You can read the lyrics here, but I don't even think that would do it justice. You should buy the dvd!!.

Seriously, it's worth buying for this alone. I haven't even looked at the other extras yet. I hope they're just as insanely weird funny.

PS [profile] noorie, your presents arrived today. Thanks so much - I love them!
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Crap! I just downloaded the latest game at Game Giveaway of the Day and its really really addictive! It's called Chroma Crash! --- it's one of those stupid puzzle games where you have to shoot three or more blocks of the same colour to make them disappear. If you ever want to get anything done, then don't download this game! But if you'd like a fun procrastination task, then get it in the next 21 hours, because it really isn't worth the $19 that it usually costs. :)

P.S. I bought season 3 of SGA today! I think I'll watch Sateda tonight! Or maybe the new episode of Heroes... Or maybe the new episode of House M.D... or maybe the first episode of Reaper... or maybe I'll just play some stoopid addictive game!

P.P.S Hello to the new people! Feel free to introduce yourselves and tell me something witty! :)
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Possible spoilers for season 4 of Gilmore Girls and Season 7 of The West Wing )

Mel, if you're reading this, I need to borrow season 5 from you! :D

Now, I'm going to re-watch the first half of season 3 'Lantis, so it's all fresh in my mind for the new ones starting. (According to the schedule, Movie Central are showing The Return Part 2 on the 27th November)

And for anyone who didn't notice it the other day, I started a Stargate version of [community profile] 10variations. It's called [profile] 10chevrons (thanks for the name suggestion [personal profile] mklutz - I really like it!). Come, join, and make icons! :)

[profile] 10chevrons

Nov. 18th, 2006 06:38 pm
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I've made the community! My version of [community profile] 10variations, [profile] 10chevrons, is live! I have completed one myself, as an example (and because it's fun). More people wanted a Stargate only version, so I went with that. The layout still needs some work, but I'd love it if you'd check it out (and join if you're interested)! :)

Click on Rodney to go to the community!
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Could anyone please do me a massive favour?? I have set up my webhosting thingo, and I'm just trying to make sure it's working. Can you download this text file for me, and tell me if it works ok?? Thanks heaps!

Also, whilst I have your attention, [profile] atlantis_fan has set up a new community - [profile] awesomehewletts, which I am co-modding. It's a community for David and Kate Hewlett. It will have news, information, articles, reviews and pics relating to Kate or David - it should be a lot of fun! So, if you love David and Kate Hewlett, you should go and join! :)

[profile] awesomehewletts [profile] awesomehewletts [profile] awesomehewletts
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Here is a manip of Sheppard and Carson (in kilts) at Ben Nevis for [profile] forlornhope42 - I was re-reading the part of DNGG that mentions that photo, and I couldn't resist! I know that you had them in sweaters, and the manip is far from perfect, but hopefully you'll still like this! :)

(click on the picture to see a larger version of it)

Also, anyone who loves David Hewlett and makes icons should run over and join [profile] dh_icontest - the David Hewlett Icon Contest. An icon contest based purely on David Hewlett --- what's not to love!? :D

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I had a fantastic day today! I've taken two days off work - I love my job, but I've felt really run down lately, and so I've really needed a couple of days to just relax. So I have an extra long weekend! And I finally finished my tax return, and should be getting a couple of thousand dollars back! *dances*

I've also added another 13 icons to the Siege post for [profile] sg_100. And I've almost finished a McShep music mix that I've been working on... And I made another manip... I'll post that sometime soon! :)

In other news, why don't more of you have David Hewlett's mouth listed as an interest? [profile] tx_tart pointed out the lack of people with Joe Flanigan's mouth as an interest, and now at least 129 people have it listed. Meanwhile, David Hewlett's beautiful crooked mouth only has 8. He needs more lovin' people! And whilst I'm making strange and irrational demands, David Hewlett's eyes only have two people listed! Have you seen those eyes?!? They're good eyes! Where's the love?!?
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Must. Stop. Laughing. (must.. stop... talking... like... William... Shatner...)

Seriously though - this vid is gold! Gold I tell you - Gold!! Its a perfect example of some of the creative crack that the SGA Fandom produces! I should really post the "original" so that people can see the comparison...

I don't want to spoil it, but I'll just quote [personal profile] in_the_bottle who made the vid: "This is the result of watching the entire season 1 of MacGyver in 2 and a half days" - enough said! (The only problem is that the vid quality isn't brilliant - but its still definitely worth watching!)

Here's the link (Its a Rodney McKay vid)
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Anyone have an ipod?? Cos I found this site with a pattern for knitting an ipod sleeve!!

Also, I'm not gunna be able to check my journal much (if at all) whilst at work --- which means that my replies might take a while longer ... but its not a lack of love!! :)

Shit - running late!! AHHH!!


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