May. 2nd, 2009 12:32 pm
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Does anyone still need an invite to Dreamwidth? I have a few available, so let me know if you do. :)

I think that I've set it up to crosspost. Let's see if it works.

In other news, I think that I'm going to get a haircut today. The plan at the moment is to get it cut to just above my shoulders, which would involve cutting off about 30cms of hair...


Apr. 23rd, 2009 05:22 pm
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Wow! I saw water falling from the sky! :)
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As some of you know, I spent last weekend in Sydney at a Supernatural Convention. It was such an amazing weekend! This is probably going to be one of those times when I ramble my words won't do justice to the awesomeness of the experience, but I'll do my best.

Let the squee begin )

In conclusion, Misha, Jared and Jensen are all awesome.
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+ I've been quite absent from LJ lately. It's a lack of time rather than a lack of love. I do still try to comment when I can, but that's not nearly as often as I'd like. I still love you all though!

+ I also love public holidays, days off work, my Wii Fit, sexy pictures of Callum Keith Rennie, sexy pictures of David Hewlett, and cheesy young adult fiction.

+ Speaking of which, has anyone read Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series? I recently finished the second book, and I'm a little bit in love with them. The writing isn't particularly great; it feels a bit like reading the diary of teenage girl, but they're incredibly addictive and entertaining.

+ In not so good news, my doggie has to have surgery next week (on the 24th). :( She's had lots of trouble with her dewclaws, so she's getting them removed. Apparently it's a very simple procedure, but I still worry about my sweet Gracey. I hope it all goes well.
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Oh wow! I just watched Suspicious River. I already knew that Callum was an incredible actor, but I was completely blown away by his performance in that movie. That was just ... wow!

More about the movie )

I also watched the first two episodes of My Life As a Dog this evening. Callum's character was pretty adorable (and incredibly cute).
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Let's play that quote game, where I write some of my favourite quotes, and then you guys have to guess where they're from!

Behind the cut, I've written 30 quotes. Half are from movies and half are from TV shows. (I was going to separate them, but decided it would be more evil fun to put them together!)

Here are the quotes )


Mar. 22nd, 2009 08:31 pm
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I've finally finished another batch of icons! There are 40 icons in total, including 16 Due South icons, and 16 Flashpoint icons.


Click me! )
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I hadn't done a meme like this for ages, so I stole this one from [profile] luxuria_oceanus.

You Speak Canadian Slang
Canadian Slang: 100%

Aussie Slang: 75%

Prison Slang: 50%

British Slang: 25%

Southern Slang: 25%

Victorian Slang: 25%

Huh! I guess that's another good reason to love Canada!
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- Kate Hewlett did an audition for Flashpoint! I hope she gets it. Hugh Dillon on screen at the same time as a Hewlett might blow my mind. :)

- I've been working on some Due South and Flashpoint icons. I hope to make a few more today, and post them later.

- As some of you know, I did buy a Wii. I absolutely love it! Wii Fit is so much fun, and I find myself constantly wanting to do more to achieve my goals (and to receive positive feedback from the trainer with the cute British accent... I've named him Angus).

- Yesterday was Gracey's 6th birthday. It feels like just yesterday that she was a little puppy. I can hardly believe that it's been six years.
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I'm thinking about buying a Nintendo Wii. I certainly don't need one, and I worry that I might get bored of it after only a few weeks. Also, I probably shouldn't spend the money... but I still kinda want to.

[Poll #1362714]

To the Aussies on my friendslist, what's a good price to pay? Kmart has a sale at the moment, and you can get the console, with a nanchuck, a remote, and three games (Wii Sports, Wii Music, and TV Show King Party or Fun Fair Party) for $399. But then I'd have to buy at least another nanchuck thingo, and I really want Wii Fit... which is another $124.

Hmmm... to be responsible or not to be responsible? That is the question.
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If anyone is looking for a free video converter, Giveaway of the Day has one available today. I've installed it, and it looks like a pretty good product.
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Back when it first aired, I loved Due South. I loved it.

A couple of years ago, I bought the first season, and to be honest, it didn't live up to my memories. Last year, I got the other seasons, and discovered that most of my great memories were of Kowalski, which is why the first season didn't reach my expectations. I've been watching season 3 and 4 over and over again, and I love it just as much now as I did back in the day.

But anyway, I recently decided that I should re-watch the first season again. Although it still didn't reach the levels of love that I have for CKR's Ray, I liked it a lot more this time around. However, I just watched the final episodes of season 1. That was great television. Victoria's Secret (episodes 1x20 and 1x21) were amazing. Paul Gross completely blew me away with his amazing acting (and hotness), and Ray and Fraser both broke my heart a couple of times. So. Much. Love. :)
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Does anyone know a lot about optimising .gifs? I've added a header to my journal. It's a .gif, showing polaroid style pictures of pretty, pretty people.

Currently, there are six different pictures, and only 8 frames in the animation. I'd like to be able to add a lot more (because there are so many other pretty people to display!), but I'm not particularly impressed with the quality. In a couple of pictures (especially in the background of the David Hewlett picture and the one with the Supernatural boys) the restricted colour palette is obvious.

I created it with Adobe ImageReady, with 256 colours, which seems to be the maximum available. Am I dreaming to hope that there's a way to keep the image in .gif format, but also keep quality? Or should I make it black and white so that there are fewer colours to display? Any suggestions are appreciated! :)

I've added a colour version and a black and white version behind the cut )
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I just finished watching Durham County, and all I have to say is wow. Okay, so that's not really ALL that I have to say )

At the other end of the spectrum, I also watched the Bliss episode, "Six Days", staring Callum Keith Rennie. More about nekkid Callum )

(Also, I've changed my layout. I haven't finished playing around with it yet, but I think I like it so far.)
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I saw He's Just Not That Into You tonight. I really enjoyed it. It was nice mindless entertainment, and there are times when I really love movies like that. Also, Bradley Cooper = Hot. Really, really hot.

I think he deserves a picspam:

Bradley Cooper, how are you so attractive? )
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As part of my 101 things in 1001 days project, I'm reading 100 books. I've just finished the 10th, and have decided that it'd be fun to write a little something about each of them. (I got a little carried away with my summary for Hard Core Roadshow, and when I say "a little carried away", I mean "completely carried away and couldn't stop writing!").

1. Christian Lander - Stuff White People Like )
2. Orson Scott Card - Xenocide )
3. Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner - Freakonomics )
4. Michael Turner - Hard Core Logo )
5. Alexander McCall Smith - The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency )
6. Rachel Vincent - Stray )
7. Rachel Vincent - Rogue )
8. Jason Moss - The Last Victim )
9. Noel Baker - Hard Core Roadshow: A Screenwriter's Diary )
10. Eleanor Coerr - Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes )
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I'm currently watching Hard Core Logo with the commentary. I could not possibly love Hugh anymore than I do right now. I love listening to him get so excited about certain parts in the movie. He's completely adorable. And I love his voice so much. I also adore that he seems unable to go for more than about 5 minutes without mentioning how great Callum is. *hearts them both*
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I've been reading a lot of stories from people who've survived the bush fires in Victoria, and I'm finding it so hard to hold back the tears. It's all so devastating. Fire scares me so much...

So anyway, I need to focus on happier things for a while:

+ The weather here is finally cooler!

+ My copy of Hard Core Roadshow arrived today! I can read more of Noel being a complete tool Noel's love for Hugh and jealousy towards Callum the making of the movie.

+ I'm going to this. Jensen, Jared and Misha! I can't wait!
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Dude! I just arrived back home (after a lovely trip to Sydney, which I'll talk about later). Do you want to know the maximum temperature here today? 45.7 degrees Celsius! That's 114.26 degrees Fahrenheit!! WTF?!? NOT COOL!

Picture showing the temperature throughout the day )

The forecast for tomorrow is 44 degrees, followed by 41 on Friday, 40 on Saturday and 40 on Sunday. *melts*

Anyway, did I miss anything exciting?
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My copy of Michael Turner's book "Hard Core Logo" finally arrived. I couldn't put it down, and read the whole thing in one sitting. More under the cut )

PS I made a new HCL icon. *points*


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