Apr. 23rd, 2009 05:22 pm
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Wow! I saw water falling from the sky! :)
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I've been reading a lot of stories from people who've survived the bush fires in Victoria, and I'm finding it so hard to hold back the tears. It's all so devastating. Fire scares me so much...

So anyway, I need to focus on happier things for a while:

+ The weather here is finally cooler!

+ My copy of Hard Core Roadshow arrived today! I can read more of Noel being a complete tool Noel's love for Hugh and jealousy towards Callum the making of the movie.

+ I'm going to this. Jensen, Jared and Misha! I can't wait!
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Day 7 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ I've finished work for the year!
+ We had a nice work BBQ.
+ The weather was gorgeous again today!
+ [personal profile] mcalex22 sent me a Christmas card. Thanks hon!
+ [profile] kimberlyfdr was lovely enough to share the HCL related cds with me!! YAY!
+ I just finished watching the last episode of Boston Legal. *hugs them all* That was a great show!
+ I've wrapped almost all of my Christmas presents.
+ Over 30 people have already answered my getting to know you poll.
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Eight things that made me happy today:
+ I got an award at work!!
+ It's Friday!
+ Only 2 more days of work for the year!
+ The weather is gorgeous (it's currently about 23 degrees Celsius, with a lovely blue sky, and only a few fluffy white clouds)
+ Did I mention that the weekend is almost here!?
+ We went to another Christmas lunch, and I had fun laughing at the stupid jokes in the crackers. I find that sort of "dad humour" more amusing than I probably should!!
+ I have the coolest, prettiest, smartest, most awesome dog in the world!
+ I received an email saying that they've shipping my Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog dvd! :)

By the way, everyone should do this meme. I think its therapeutic to have to focus on the things that make you happy.


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