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+ I've been quite absent from LJ lately. It's a lack of time rather than a lack of love. I do still try to comment when I can, but that's not nearly as often as I'd like. I still love you all though!

+ I also love public holidays, days off work, my Wii Fit, sexy pictures of Callum Keith Rennie, sexy pictures of David Hewlett, and cheesy young adult fiction.

+ Speaking of which, has anyone read Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series? I recently finished the second book, and I'm a little bit in love with them. The writing isn't particularly great; it feels a bit like reading the diary of teenage girl, but they're incredibly addictive and entertaining.

+ In not so good news, my doggie has to have surgery next week (on the 24th). :( She's had lots of trouble with her dewclaws, so she's getting them removed. Apparently it's a very simple procedure, but I still worry about my sweet Gracey. I hope it all goes well.
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- Kate Hewlett did an audition for Flashpoint! I hope she gets it. Hugh Dillon on screen at the same time as a Hewlett might blow my mind. :)

- I've been working on some Due South and Flashpoint icons. I hope to make a few more today, and post them later.

- As some of you know, I did buy a Wii. I absolutely love it! Wii Fit is so much fun, and I find myself constantly wanting to do more to achieve my goals (and to receive positive feedback from the trainer with the cute British accent... I've named him Angus).

- Yesterday was Gracey's 6th birthday. It feels like just yesterday that she was a little puppy. I can hardly believe that it's been six years.
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I'm thinking about buying a Nintendo Wii. I certainly don't need one, and I worry that I might get bored of it after only a few weeks. Also, I probably shouldn't spend the money... but I still kinda want to.

[Poll #1362714]

To the Aussies on my friendslist, what's a good price to pay? Kmart has a sale at the moment, and you can get the console, with a nanchuck, a remote, and three games (Wii Sports, Wii Music, and TV Show King Party or Fun Fair Party) for $399. But then I'd have to buy at least another nanchuck thingo, and I really want Wii Fit... which is another $124.

Hmmm... to be responsible or not to be responsible? That is the question.
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I've been reading a lot of stories from people who've survived the bush fires in Victoria, and I'm finding it so hard to hold back the tears. It's all so devastating. Fire scares me so much...

So anyway, I need to focus on happier things for a while:

+ The weather here is finally cooler!

+ My copy of Hard Core Roadshow arrived today! I can read more of Noel being a complete tool Noel's love for Hugh and jealousy towards Callum the making of the movie.

+ I'm going to this. Jensen, Jared and Misha! I can't wait!
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Dude! I just arrived back home (after a lovely trip to Sydney, which I'll talk about later). Do you want to know the maximum temperature here today? 45.7 degrees Celsius! That's 114.26 degrees Fahrenheit!! WTF?!? NOT COOL!

Picture showing the temperature throughout the day )

The forecast for tomorrow is 44 degrees, followed by 41 on Friday, 40 on Saturday and 40 on Sunday. *melts*

Anyway, did I miss anything exciting?

Last Night

Jan. 4th, 2009 08:32 pm
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I watched Last Night last night, and I really enjoyed it. When you're obsessed enough to watch everything that your favourite actors have been in, you regularly come across some great movies. For example, if not for my "thing" for CKR, I'd never have experienced Wilby Wonderful, Hard Core Logo or Last Night. Does anyone recommend any other Callum movies?

More about Last Night )

In other news, I've hurt my foot, and I'm currently limping everywhere. And I have to go back to work tomorrow. :( These holidays have gone far far too quickly. On the plus side, I only have 15 work days till I have another week off!
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Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a great New Years Eve.

Mine was very nice. I had a small gathering at my place with a nice group of friends. We had some drinks, played cards and pool, and walked down to the beach to see the fireworks. Best of all, I woke this morning feeling great, with very little stuff to clean up.

For me, 2008 was a pretty great year. My trip to the US and Canada was the main highlight, and the Armageddon expo where I met David Hewlett was also wonderful.

As for 2009, I have some not-very-exciting resolutions:
New Years resolutions )

Anyway, guess what I'm watching at the moment? Merlin! I'm currently up to episode 4, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm not yet at the level of love that most of my friendslist seems to have, but I can see myself falling for it! Gaius is pretty awesome, Arthur is quite hot, Merlin is such a cutie. I don't like seeing Anthony Head (when did he drop the Stewart?) being such a jerk though.

Oh, and [personal profile] empressvesica and [personal profile] ria_kukalaka, I received your Christmas cards yesterday. Thanks so much! [personal profile] ria_kukalaka, I LOVE the Doctor Who magnets!!

And Happy Birthday [personal profile] onecheekyhobbit! *hugs*
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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a great day. Mine was very nice.

I just realised that I never wrote the 8th (and final) day of the things that make me happy meme. I guess it's better late than never!

Day 8 of the "things that make me happy" meme:
+ I still have another week off work!
+ I had a lovely Christmas, and got some great presents.
+ I went shopping today, and got some bargains!
+ I'm currently watching (and loving) The Mentalist (Does anyone else watch it?)
+ Simon Denny Baker is just as pretty now as he was back in the E Street days (though there is something weird going on with his hair).
+ I received a card and lovely magnet from [personal profile] paraka today. Thanks so much hon!
+ I received my signed copy of Gareth David-Lloyd's CD today!
+ I finally almost caught up with Supernatural. Dean is looking particularly hot this season!
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Day 6 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ I'm still LOVING my new found Hard Core Logo obsession, and have been reading excerpts from Hard Core Roadshow: A Screenwriter's Diary (*).
+ I went out for yummy Indian food with some good friends.
+ We had Christmas crackers, and I got another bad joke that I found far too funny! (**)
+ My dad came over and mowed my grass this morning.
+ I got a Christmas card in the mail from [personal profile] sgflutegirl. Thanks hon! *hugs*
+ I found my left over Christmas wrapping paper from last year. (***)
+ I received a message from one of my US tour buddies. Another person from our tour is coming to Adelaide, so a few of us are going to catch up. Should be fun!
+ Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year!

(*) )(**) )(***) )
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Day 5 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ My parents came over this morning and helped me to pick some of the seemingly never-ending supply of apricots!
+ I watched an awesome episode of Boston Legal.
+ I think I've finished my Christmas shopping.
+ I went to the Carols by Candlelight with a couple of friends.
+ I'm really getting into the band Kent. Thanks again [profile] clight000! *hugs*
+ [personal profile] terribilita pointed out this article, which suggests that they're going to make sequels to Hard Core Logo!!
+ [personal profile] spacemonkeyluvn linked to me some recipes that use fresh apricots. YUM!
+ Only two days of work for the year!! (Actually a day and a half, because we have a bbq lunch on Tuesday, and won't return to work after that!)
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Day 4 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ I washed my bedding today. I love sleeping in freshly washed bedding!
+ I made a few new icons. CKR is love!
+ I received some magnets in the mail from the lovely and ever generous [personal profile] birggitt.
+ I received a virtual gift from [personal profile] larian. Thanks so much, honey! *hugs*
+ I found this post, which links to lots of Hard Core Logo meta. I can't stop over-analysing that movie, and it's great to see that I'm not the only one!
+ A friend is coming over for take-away and dvds tonight.
+ Some of my icon-muse may have returned!
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Eight things that made me happy today:
+ I got an award at work!!
+ It's Friday!
+ Only 2 more days of work for the year!
+ The weather is gorgeous (it's currently about 23 degrees Celsius, with a lovely blue sky, and only a few fluffy white clouds)
+ Did I mention that the weekend is almost here!?
+ We went to another Christmas lunch, and I had fun laughing at the stupid jokes in the crackers. I find that sort of "dad humour" more amusing than I probably should!!
+ I have the coolest, prettiest, smartest, most awesome dog in the world!
+ I received an email saying that they've shipping my Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog dvd! :)

By the way, everyone should do this meme. I think its therapeutic to have to focus on the things that make you happy.
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Day 2 of the "things that make me happy" meme:

+ We had cake again today. White chocolate mud cake. It was awesome!
+ [profile] clight000 sent me 2 cds of music! Thanks so much hon!
+ Callum Keith Rennie is on my TV, wearing a hot leather jacket!!
+ Paul Gross is also on my TV, and he's wearing his pretty, pretty red mountie uniform!
+ My apricot tree has ripe apricots again. :)
+ I just had a nice dinner with my parents, brother and sister-in-law.
+ I received an email saying that they're sending me my signed copy of Gareth David-Lloyd's band's CD!
+ I've started filling up my new icon spots, and have some shiny new ones to play with!!
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I'm doing the 8 things that make me happy in 8 days meme. Here's day one:

+ I got petrol for only 89.7 cents a litre! Compared to the 1.70 a litre that it was a while ago, that's fricken awesome!!
+ We had cake for morning tea.
+ The stats that I'm doing at the moment are significant!! YAY!
+ I've been rewatching season 3 of Due South again. I absolutely love it. Oh Callum and Paul, how are you so awesome?
+ I'm re-reading Twilight again. It's my kind of crack!
+ [profile] fawkesielady_ed sent me 5 cds of music! (Thanks again hon!)
+ I've finally finished paying off my credit cards and can start saving for my next holiday!
+ I'm going to Sydney in only 38 days!

In other news, where has this year gone? I can't believe it's almost Christmas. I feel so unprepared. I haven't done much shopping yet, and I haven't even thought about Christmas cards. I swear that there must be some kind of crack in the space-time continuum that's making time go quicker for me.
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Arggh! For some crazy reason, I decided that it would be cool to reorganise the insane number of magnets on my fridge. I severely underestimated the magnitude of this job. I've now taken most of the magnets off... They're sitting all over my kitchen bench and table, and I'm completely at as loss as to where to begin. My obsessive compulsive tendencies are causing me to try to find order amongst them. Should I organise them according to size? Or category? Travel ones together, then fandom ones together, then other ones together, or just some random organisation? Man, this is hard. Yep, I face the big problems in my life! Oh well, back to it, I guess. Those magnets aren't going to organise themselves!!
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I haven't seen you guys all year!

I hope that everyone had a great night last night (or are currently having a great night if you live on the other side of the world!!). Mine was pretty great!

Also, back to wanting to slap Meredith: Grey's Anatomy )

Also, I wish it wasn't so fricken hot! It was about 43 degrees here yesterday, and I think it's going to be something similar today. I love the person who created air conditioning!


Oct. 10th, 2007 10:08 pm
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Happy Birthday to me!!

[personal profile] larian, thanks so much for the virtual girl! It bought a big smile to my face this morning! And thanks to everyone else who left me birthday wishes! It was great to scroll down my friendslist and see that so many of you had taken the time to make me a birthday post! :)

I had a very nice day. Unfortunately, I had to work, but it was still a lovely day, with lots of cake and happiness! I'm incredibly tired now, so good night! :)


Sep. 19th, 2007 09:20 pm
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I currently have a couple of filters that I seldom use. I'm thinking about using them more regularly. Of course, it's likely that I'll never get around to this, but, assuming I do, what are you interested in seeing/reading?

[Poll #1057714]

An unrelated rant )
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I am so glad that the weekend is here! This week has been... well, lets just say that I'm glad it's over. On that subject, we shall speak no more. We are here to have happy thoughts about happy things. Like sunshine and puppies.

Tonight I had a lovely dinner at a local restaurant, and now I'm sitting watching Torchwood with another couple of drinks! Mmmm drinks! Mmmm Jack! I love and adore Torchwood at the moment! Can someone find a straight man like Jack, and send him my way? I'll pay for postage!

Changing the subject,... to the Australians on my friendslist, have any of you managed to download A Dog's Breakfast? Amazon seems to be available to Americans only, and the Australian itunes store doesn't seem to have it. When I tried to purchase it from the American itunes store, it just redirected me to the Australian one. Am I just doing something wrong, or can't I get it yet?
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I’m so glad its Friday. I’m having a really hard time concentrating today though... And everything that I’m writing sounds like shit. Can anyone else relate to this picture?!?! Internet vs Research Paper )

I’m the poor person trying to concentrate, whilst the Internet party looks so alluring. At least there are only a couple more hours left of the working week. And I have a really nice weekend planned. Tonight I’m going to a "gathering" at a friends place, then tomorrow night I’m going out for dinner, then to see Johnny in Pirates 2. I’m really looking forward to seeing Johnny! Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum! Ok, back to work!

Want some more procrastination??? These games are so addictive! parking perfection, and tennis )


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